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During California Restaurant Month, Hayward is ramping up a bonus e-gift card offer to assist local businesses.

Every January, California Restaurant Month is observed, during which time locations and restaurants throughout the state highlight regional cuisine. Together for Hayward e-Gift Card purchases will earn even more bonus dollars this year, in recognition of California Restaurant Month, and the City of Hayward is pleased to announce even greater bonus dollars for purchases made through the program.

If you purchase a Together for Hayward e-gift card between $20 and $100 to be used at any of the partner restaurants in the city starting on January 1, the City will give you a 50 percent bonus card to spend or share with a friend. This offer is only available while supplies last.

There is a limit of three bonus cards per consumer, and they are only available while supplies last. Bonus cards must be redeemed within 90 days of their initial purchase date. It’s possible for recipients to spend their gift cards at one of the at least 39 participating restaurants, or they can mix it up and spend their gift cards at one or more of the more than 35 participating retail stores.

The Together for Hayward e-gift card is a fantastic option for birthdays, holidays, and teacher and employee appreciation gifts. It is completely digital. Check out some of the fantastic restaurants and unique food from all around the world that can be found in Hayward, including the following: E-gift cards can be purchased at the following link:–ca/gift-card/.

Promotions such as the Together for Hayward campaign are part of the city’s economic recovery plan, which aims to assist local brick-and-mortar stores and eateries in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Participating in this program means that you are supporting the very essence of what makes our community unique.. Purchases of e-Gift cards contribute to the creation of a pool of funds on which local companies in Hayward may rely. According to studies, local independent merchants recirculate 47 percent of their money back into the community, whereas just 14 percent of the revenue generated by big chains stays in the neighborhood. To put it another way, independent restaurants in their communities recirculate 73 percent of their earnings, compared to barely 30 percent for national chains.

In order to obtain additional information or to learn more about how to become a participating merchant in the Together for Hayward e-Gift Card Program, please contact the City of Hayward Economic Development Division by email at [email protected]

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